Finding your Why

It’s how good brand strategy starts.

With insight. Your vision. Your mountain. And a map. But if you don’t know why or how you’re doing it, none of the rest matters.

of all firms in the US are small businesses
0 %
of new jobs since 2000 are generated by small businesses
0 %
of small businesses fail within 5 years
0 %

From 1994-2018, an average of 67.6% of new employer establishments survived at least two years.

During the same period:
the five-year survival rate was 48.8%,
the ten-year survival rate was 33.6%, and
the fifteen-year survival rate was 25.7%.

What do you think is missing for the almost 75% that didn’t survive and thrive? Strategy.

Business Strategy

Guiding principles that focus the company, its employees, budgets, profit margin objectives, trajectory, cash flow, and ultimate measurable success. Winging this part doesn’t work

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy services are vital in defining the visual identity, lexicon, voice, persona, and communication of your company as it connects to your audience. This is your company’s way of expressing why it exists and what that means to your potential customers. It is a bond you make. Being unclear about who you are leads to ambiguity and a diluted relationship. And fractured results. bond you make. Being unclear about who you are leads to ambiguity and a diluted relationship. And fractured results.

Marketing Strategy

This is the toolkit from which you build the precise messaging utilizing the highest ROI mediums to deliver your product or service to exactly the people waiting with bated breath to get their hands on it. A gunshot holiday sale with slashed pricing is not a marketing strategy.

Campaign Strategy

You have an overarching strategy for marketing, but each product, season, service or idea has its own campaign. You don’t speak to new car buyers the way you talk to used car buyers for example. They are not the same people. You will have campaigns targeted to just one objective, concentrated on that audience and period of time.

Good brand strategy consulting firms understand that you can’t be all things to all people all the time, so you have to have the right message for the right audience at a specific moment. Campaigns are microcosms of your overarching marketing strategy. Don’t bore half your audience (and waste half your budget) by trying to be too broad.

( Freedom )

The most common reason stated for being in business for oneself is ‘freedom’, or ‘being your own boss’. 

Naturally, this stems from the notion that you will make more money doing it your own way. And with your better idea, product, service, or sheer grit, you’re therefore destined for success.

( The world makes you prove it or lose it. )

With a compass called strategy, you can conquer that world.

Established small businesses may be riding the wave of success of great ideas, brilliant products, impeccable service and an abundance of grit yet be unsure of what is around the next corner.

You haven’t developed your cornerstone yet if that is the case.

( Equipped with strategy )

You can face every turn from the secure stance of knowing

who you are, what you stand for, who it matters to, why it matters and how to deliver on it. Efficiently, with the proper ROI and cash flow to sustain through thick and thin. Brand strategy services are essential in this journey.

( Freedom )

Freedom is not just being your own boss.

It is the knowledge of how it all works together. It is the experience of putting that into practice. It is growing into the process. It is basking in that success.


You can hear it best from them.


It’s earned. It’s transferred. It’s nurtured.

Others have walked the journey and made all the inevitable mistakes so you don’t have to.