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You may have some or many of the parts of the strategy aligning and be unsure of others. Or have no idea where to begin. We welcome you to connect. We only ask that you’re curious, committed and open to leaning into what it takes to point your sails in the right direction.

Connecting Matters

Connecting with your audience. Connecting the dots of your brand voice. Connecting your campaign strategies to your marketing strategy. Connecting your business to your marketing return on investment. Regardless of how many of these pieces you feel confident in, if you’d like a fresh set of eyes and unparalleled guidance to help your company connect better, we’re ready for you.

Let’s connect

It’s simple to start a conversation. We usually respond within 24 hours, ready to roll up our sleeves. With just a few details below, we can come prepared to learn more. Our first meeting is complimentary and we promise you’ll walk away with at least one useful and practical next step you can do on your own!

Connect with Sonja

Sonja Anderson is CEO and Founder of both zö agency and zö platinum.  While Sonja focuses on strategy and creative direction, she also oversees a thriving advertising agency.  Learn more about Sonja here.